Our clients will tell you we provide Custom Software Development, Web & Mobile (App) Solutions, User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX) Solutions and Consultation for businesses of all sizes and types. They will also tell you that they have benefited from a partnership with us. Each of their needs are unique, but the one thing they have in common is they all benefit from our client-focused approach to make sure there is technology happiness and elegance. They allow us to focus on their technology, whiles they focus on their business!

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    A comprehensive Health Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for managing big, medium and small health facilities

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    A comprehensive system comprising of various software packages to help make your business processes easier.

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    Online results checker for second cycle schools and colleges

Cut through the
paper work, engage
our off-the-shelf


With our experienced and dedicated software development team, Bitsweaver, delivers unique and powerful Enterprise Application solutions that meets all your business specific needs. We deliver on time and within budget.

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Meet Mr. Akutu, he owns a fruit juice production company. Mr. Akutu employs our model ERP setup, this enables him have real-time overview of the running of his establishment.

With our ERP system, he has managed to streamline factory operations, cut through all the strenuous paper work and now has all facets of his company integrated into a digitized central system.

He has a clearer picture of production cost, personnel efficiency, distribution and revenue. Now he’s able to take calculated steps in daily administration and also makes decisions backed with accurate data.

Think Smart, be like Mr. Akutu


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